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  Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO) was jointly founded in 2006 by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the government of Jiangsu Province, the government of Suzhou City, and Suzhou Industrial Park. The institute is located in Dushu Lake High Education District of Suzhou Industrial Park. SINANO, consisted of 7 independent research departments, test platform and micro/nano processing platform, focuses her main research on the innovation and application of high precision nano-electronnic technology.

  “III-V Semiconductor Material Growth and Device” is one of three most important research areas in SINANO. Nanojoin has established a joint laboratory with SINANO aimed to carry out close and extensive cooperation on R&D of LED technology and talend training. Up to now, many achievements have been made, and applied to our LED products, such as growth technology of InGaN quantum dots in MQWs, the Solution method of efficiency droop for powerful LED, design of LED heat dissipation, etc.